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ACCIDENT or INCIDENT REPORT FORM Page 1 of 2 Check and/or circle one per section, complete relevant blanks. Gymnast Instructor Spectator Other INJURED: Name: Age: Sex: Male Female Address: City: Province:
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Accident Date: Date/Time: Location: Injuries: Status: Other 2. Accident Location: Area 1: Injuries: Status: Description of Injury: Injuries: 3. Injuries: Location (within body part) Injuries: Status: Description of Injury: Injury Location: 4. Symptoms: Date: Date/Time: Symptoms: Status: Description of Injury: 5. Symptoms (apparent): Date: Date/Time: Symptoms: Status: Description of Injury: 6. Symptoms (incident): Time/Date: Time of incident: Time at scene (seconds): Time at initial observation: Time to collapse: Time to be rendered unconscious: Time on way to hospital: 7. Inquest: Name on file: Inquiry #: Type: (Inquest 2.5) Inquiry Date: Date: Inquiry Summary: Inquiry: Question: Time(s) Taken to Inquest: Question/Answer: Time to Inquest. Inquiry: Question: Time to Inquest.

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Music how security officers can write incident reports in five easy steps that is the topic today on training with Siri step one the officer needs to use normal language some people think they should use fancy jargon on an incident report the opposite is so true use everyday English rather than complicated police terms lots of different people may we be reading your report supervisors police juries needs to be understandable to lots of different types of people so the less jargon the better step to remember the five W's of report writing a nice way to capture the most important details is to remember these five W's the first being who were the people involved who else witnessed the events did you get their contact information and other relevant information about them if you didn't get their names describe their physical characteristics but avoid using offensive language to describe people the second being what actions and events happened start from the beginning and go point by point or event by event and include as much detail as possible on how each event unfolded the third being when what date in time with the incident depending on the type of incident you may also find it useful to describe the weather the lighting conditions and other conditions in the area the fourth being where exactly did the incident take place include addresses or use details about nearby objects or buildings the precise as possible and the fifth is why this is generally not as important of a fact unless you heard someone say something explaining their actions it's best not to speculate your job is to stick to the clear indisputable facts only include facts is the topic number three as you saw from the Y category it is important to be objective do not give your opinion about who is at fault it'll actually make your report weaker you must stick to the facts the things that you saw with your eyes and heard with your ears the fourth being take photos and videos if your phone has a camera on it take as many photos and videos as you can they provide additional objective information and some use mobile report apps like silver Trek or as input which lets you complete an incident report on your smartphone including photos and videos in the actual report number five be professional to remember a lot of people may be reading your report don't judge anybody in the report where you slang or prove words once you identify people in your report refer to them as mister or missus when you mention them again here's some report writing tips always use black ink it copies better than blue ink always use past tense detailed events in chronological order when paraphrasing do not use quotation marks good spelling and grammar is always a plus use polite choice of words do not include your opinions and remember just the facts what about after you write the report you want to make sure that you reread it to proofread any errors if you see a mistake do not erase it draw a single line through it...


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